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Our Section's Vision

Rejuvenating, Reengaging, Reconnecting

NCJW, Nashville Section has entered an exciting time of moving forward, as we work to make our section vibrant in an ever-changing world. Armed with respect for the extensive and influential history of this section, we are excited by the possibilities ahead.

Rejuvenating enthusiasm for our organization: We aim to reignite the passion of existing members and engage prospective members, inspiring the Nashville community to continue the great mission of this organization. NCJW is a wonderful way for women to connect across and within generations, and we hope to strengthen these connections through meaningful work.

Reengaging with our projects: We aim to foster a stronger sense of community between our members and the existing projects, working to find ways for involvement in them in thoughtful and intentional ways, as a chance for us to work together and get to know the many layers of our NCJW community.

Reconnecting with our membership: We aim to communicate in a variety of ways regularly, purposefully, clearly, and effectively. Our goal is to share the information you need and want with you in ways you can access it, working across email, bulletins, and social media.

We know the work of this section takes time and effort from many people. Thank you for all you have done to bring us to this point, and thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and participation along with us as we move ahead. We're ready and excited, and we hope you'll join us in making our section continue to thrive.

Jamie Brooks,
Freya Sachs, and
Erin Zagnoev

NCJW, Nashville Section Co-Presidents
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Nashville Section, NCJW
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